Form Builder

New forms with a few clicks

Form Builder editor main screen

Simple to use

Give your form a description and name and select fields from the Field menu. Various fields are supported, from simple check-boxes and text fields to more complex address and name fields.
Each field has its properties such as size, max length and a number of attributes such as mandatory, unique, etc that can be set.

Drag & drop interface

Fields can be dragged and positioned to your liking at any time.

Form Builder editor showing drag and drop
View of Form Builder safe & secure update action

Safe & secure

Form definitions are securely stored in a database and can be edited at any time.

Include forms in pages

Forms can be included in any page by simply inserting the tag [form X] where X is the form ID number. Calling up the page will display the form.

View of how Form Builder integrates with WordPress
Displaying a simple form created with Form Builder in the front end

Styled to match your theme

Form styling inherits as much as possible the styles from your theme so that the forms blend effortlessly in your site.

Form data

Form data is stored in a database and can be viewed from the click of a mouse.

Displaying saved form records registered with Form Builder
List view of data recorded in Form Builder

List view

All form data is recorded and can be viewed at any time. The list view can be customised and you can define what data you want to show in the list. From the list view, the data can be viewed, edited or deleted. New data can also be manually added in the back-end.