Bookings Products and Services

In an upcoming release of Bookings, we’ll add a new concept of Product (or Service). Each Product (or Service) has the following characteristics: Time span Linked resources: can be all or selected ones Price A customer to your site will have the option to select: a Product: e.g. a 45 minutes mud bad, if you…

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Making the most of Google Caffeine

While PageRank remains shrouded in mystery, each new update reveals new information we can all use to optimize our content. Here are a few tips. 1) Minimize CSS and Javascripts This is pretty obvious but, by reducing file size, you can significantly increase your site speed. 2) Avoid Duplicate URLs If you’re pulling the same…

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Five Steps to Starting a Website

Starting your website can be very intimidating for you if you are a beginner, or are not very knowledgeable about website technology. You may find yourself not knowing where to start or what it is that you are supposed to be doing to help bring customers to your doorstep. We have written these 5 steps…

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Choosing Your Ecommerce Hosting Provider

Are you an online merchant shopping for a good ecommerce hosting provider? With the emergence of so many hosting companies offering various products these days, anyone can get lost. Before you plunge deeper in your search and make comparisons from one web host to another, see if they have everything that you need using this…

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