New email template

We’re launching a new email template that’s much improved compared to the older one.

It’s not only the look that is improved but also the way various email clients handle the email. Unlike building web pages and styling them with CSS, styling emails and ensuring they are displayed the way we want them displayed is a bit more cumbersome.

But we’re trying:

  • Force Outlook 2007 and up to provide a “view in browser” message.
  • Force IE “snap mode” to render widths normally.
  • Force IE to smoothly render resized images.
  • Remove spacing between tables in Outlook Desktop.
  • Force to display emails at full width.
  • Force Outlook Desktop to render line heights as they’re originally set.
  • Force mobile devices to inherit declared link styles.
  • Prevent Windows- and Webkit-based mobile platforms from changing declared text sizes.
  • Force to display line heights normally.
  • Force iOS devices to heed link styles set in CSS.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

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