Digital appointment booking is a no-brainer for financial institutions

In financial services, most consumers research products online, but prefer to purchase in person. Digital appointment booking is a practical and powerful way to connect digital and physical channels for customers, a capability most financial institutions lack.

In the report Best Practices in Digital Appointment Booking: Learning from the Early Movers, Celent offers a primer on digital appointment booking and explains why every bank and credit union should offer the capability. Through examples of how the capability is being effectively used among early mover banks and the results they’re obtaining, the report distills best practice suggestions for institutions seeking to maximize their return on technology investment.

Celent finds that early mover institutions enjoy a number of compelling benefits from digital appointment booking, namely: increased customer engagement, sales growth; more effective frontline staff; improved marketing campaign effectiveness; and improved customer satisfaction. The strongest results occur among institutions combining digital appointment booking with lobby management systems to optimize both the digital experience and the branch (or contact center) experience for customers.

With such compelling reasons to adopt digital appointment booking and a number of relatively easy to implement solutions available, one might think these solutions enjoy widespread adoption. Such is not the case. Through 2014, barely a third of the largest US banks offered digital appointment booking, and adoption among smaller banks and credit unions is rare.

More information about the report can be found here.

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