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In an upcoming release of Bookings, we’ll add a new concept of Product (or Service). Each Product (or Service) has the following characteristics:

  • Time span
  • Linked resources: can be all or selected ones
  • Price

A customer to your site will have the option to select:

  • a Product: e.g. a 45 minutes mud bad, if you have 2 linked mud bad resources, the system will see which one is available
  • or a Product and Resource: e.g. a 30 minutes feet massage by John
  • or a Resource and Product: as above, except that the resource is select first, so John and a 30 minutes feet massage

In a further release, there will be the option to link multiple required resources to a Product, so for example you could have defined resources to represent your massage rooms and resources to represent the masseurs, you could then say a 45 minutes massage requires room 1 or room 2 + masseur X or masseur Y.

This applies to many industries, for example, take a garage providing car maintenance and services. Your resources are your skilled mechanics. Customers come to you to get a yearly service, having new tyres put on or something more substantial. You will have a list of services, for example:

  • Yearly service:
    • time: 4 hours
    • resources: any mechanic
  • Tyre replacement:
    • time 60 minutes
    • resources: mechanic X or mechanic Y

In addition you can create resource to represent the work spaces in your garage, maybe you only have 1 tyre calibration machine, you can then link that resource to your ‘tyre replacement’ service.

So you can see this concept can apply to many industries and will take the Bookings solution a step further.


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