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Online Booking and Reservation System, Scheduling and Appointment Software

Web Shop


Set up your own Zingiri online web shop within minutes. Designed to provide you with all the features you need from a webshop while keeping it as simple as possible to use, both for you as an administrator as for your customers.

Form Builder


Create amazing web forms with ease. No scripts, no HTML, no coding. Just drag-and-drop the form elements to create your professional looking form.

Software is more than just a bit of coding. Let’s see why.

The Art of Development

Development, or coding, is an art. An art we have mastered over many years of experience in developing state of the art critical enterprise systems, processing millions of transactions and serving thousands of customers.

Our Core Business

Development is really a speciality in its own right, a niche where we feel very much at home. Thanks to our years of experience, this has become a strong part of our core business.

Let’s Keep It Simple

But of course it doesn’t stop there. We understand better than anyone that in the end it’s all about your business. We keep it simple.